The phaco Handpiece repairment process begins when the handpiece being received by the company’s administrative unit from the hospital. The entire repair period is 25 days except the official holidays and Thursdays in 2 steps .

First Step, Acceptance and Troubleshooting a piece: This takes about 10 days after the piece is entered into the office unit, an ID number is defined in the app . Acceptance Report with an ID number and snapshot image on arrival by the administrative unit inserted in the app. after that

 handpiece with technical tag deliver to technical unit . they returned the handpiece to administrative unit after diagnosis . administrative unit send proforma and wait for confirmation .

Second step, repair and quality control process: It takes about 15 days to complete the main repair process. Technical team report process  during the 8-step and summarize it in the technical tag .

And after the end of the main process ;And finally they complete the quality control part in technical tag & app during 3 stages of specialized testing they Check the performance of the pieces and refer to administrative unit in order to pack & then handpiece shipped to the hospital .

Type of Services

Period of Time 

Phaco Hp Reception

One Day


Nine Days

Confirmation PI Time

A Days (Related to hospital rules)

Repair Process

Ten Days

Quality Control

Two Days

Invocing and Sending

Two Days

Total Time : 24+ A Days